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                           Technologies - Innovation - Energy Realities 

By November of 2015 none of the presidential candidates had provided a substantial, and acceptable, outline for an Energy Policy. That has now changed and comparisons of all of these will be published at ACP Vision & Action. Specifying needed changes, what these will accomplish, and building a broad public consensus are necessary both for election and to empower people locally. 

Energy is a pivotal issue, which can either enable rapid movement toward sustainability or stop it, there must be substantial dialog on the issue from all of the viable candidates.  

Energy issues are complex.  Specific niches demand different off-grid technologies and the use of these technologies dramatically changes the need for insurance, maintenance of homes and infrastructure, the cost of living and more.  

How this changes our lives, and the world, can bring us together as a people and relight hope in our communities.  

Focus on California 

The Forum focuses on California because along with having enough voters to impact the candidates on the ballot in November, we, in California, are now being impacted by these issues in very immediate ways.  

The lack of water has changed how we live and the uses to which electric power can be put. The long drought, emptied aquifers, the nightmare of fracking, and the long standing use of petrochemicals for multiple purposes, including agriculture has brought the need to protect our land, air and water into ever sharper relief.      

It is time to demand accountability for practices which used energy as an excuse to pollute - and this is very much an energy issue, as is the need for accountability for corporations and their officers, personally.     

Bringing new technology to the market brings with it the need for funding and more.  Since government and the regulatory agencies have proven themselves to be insufficient to the job we need to identify ways to handle these problems cooperatively, keeping control local.  This requires ensuring solutions which work are available.   

The list of alternative energy technologies continues to increase.  Here are the some areas of development.   

No one has all the answers.  But we know, together, we can find them.    

Use the form below to tell us about a technology with promise.