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When an individual applies for a position of great power which will directly impact those being asked to support their candidacy all questions are admissible.  That said, we do not plan to ask any personal questions.  Some questions, for instance on personal finances,  may be asked in more detail than has yet been revealed.  

On occasion, we will ask questions for which we already have the answers from our own research.  If the answer received from the candidate does not reflect the documented facts this will be published as it goes to the honesty of the candidate and can be construed to reflect their behavior, if elected.  

​We have been asked if all candidates will receive the same questions. The answer is, not necessarily.  But they will all be published in the Updates, so you will know.  

April 20, 2016 

Our Update question to the candidates invited to the Forum. 

     How many fracking wells have been drilled since 2005? What is your source? 

     What steps will you take to ensure those operating fracking operations are held accountable for the damage they are doing to human health, the health of other living things located within the sphere of impact and the air, water and land also within this sphere? Be specific. 

(As responses are received they will be provided below.) 

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April 20, 2016