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Presidential Choice for 2016

The issues of Energy and the Environment have been treated as if they are peripheral instead of being central to the problems now confronting us as individuals and a nation.  

We have to change this, and the most effective path is showing Americans how a sustainable economy, grounded on real Green technologies, changes their lives and the world around them.  

We can accomplish this by solving problems for social justice using tools now in our hands. It can be done by stepping across the boundaries constructed to divide us and coming together as one people.

The next occupant of the Oval Office can help. Electing the right candidate could move us more rapidly toward real, ​substantial, solutions.  For this reason we need to know what to expect from each candidate and share with them the programs which bring sustainability together with the rising need for social justice today.  

Effective action must be focused and produce results. Many are already working on essential issues. Forest Ethics has produced mapping which shows the danger zone for bomb trains. Motion to Amend is taking action to end corporate personhood.  

The unifying goals are taking back our power by changing the terms of engagement. 

We all need justice, starting with those most at risk because government has failed to do the job entrusted to them.  

Beginning with the Forum, we will assert our right to take action, illustrating problems and providing a first program people can carry out locally to show their community the benefits of sustainable technologies. By so doing, we build trust and knit together working relationships, ignoring partisan politics.  

Our first demonstration is for Veterans.

Veterans have been intentionally left homeless by the Veterans Administration. Returning home with PTSD, which is far more wide-spread than most realize, Veterans are at immediate risk. 

Every day these men and women face life on the streets, magnifying the trauma of war. Every city and town has them, some still with us from Vietnam. A heroic few activists have never given up and are still working to assist these men and women.  

Phillip Meskin, one of our partners, has made this his mission literally for decades. It was the failure of our government which made Phillip's efforts, and others like him, necessary. Video of Phillip explaining what happens to Veterans. 

Joining with Veterans we demand the right to direct our tax dollars, paid by us or companies we own, to build Veterans facilities in our local areas. Management will be handled through Trusts set up by those directing their tax dollars to the project. The new trust receives directions on how to do this and assistance from sustainability experts for building the facility on the model they choose which will work for their area.  

Does our movement have the experts who can do the design work? Absolutely. Do we have professionals who know the Greenest and cheapest sources for the materials? Again, yes. And do we have people who would gladly so direct their tax dollars? In a NY minute.  

There are 12 million military Veterans, and active military, who looking for a way to help their fellow Veterans.  

Once housed, Veterans will receive Neurofeedback treatment for their PTSD. The recovery rate with this technology is about 75% cessation of symptoms by the fourth month. As most of you probably know, PTSD is not a psychological problem, it is neurological. Heal the brain, end the pain of anxiety which leads to self-medication with drink, drugs and pharmaceuticals.  

The facility becomes an example of what is possible. Far less power for heating or cooling is needed. It will remain comfortable all year. No maintenance is required, the material is immune to fire and flooding – and quickly built using Pre-Cast. Areas for meeting, growing food, are planned. This is what Americans need to see. They need to experience what we mean when we say, 'sustainable.'  

It is right and appropriate for this to be the first wide use to which these materials are put.  We will at one time save lives, restore families and affirm our commitment to those who have trusted us, and served.   

Having a home must come first. 

It was a financial analysis by the State of Utah which launched the Homing Movement in 2005. It cost appreciably less to provide housing than to have the homeless continue to live on the street taking into account the use of emergency services. 

The homing movement, carried out this way, will solve multiple problems, building a base for local organizing and action. Cutting costs, such as energy for heating and cooling, maintenance, and more, increases the time we have to spend on ourselves, our families and for our communities.  

Helping Veterans also demonstrates to Americans from all points of view why the transition to sustainable technologies is essential.  

The same materials used for Home and Heal Veterans will rebuild America's infrastructure. Government has failed here as well. We will again direct our tax dollars to the job. It is the only affordable option. 

The bridges, dams, highways, businesses and homes, including so many which are damaged or need upgrading to withstand earthquakes, are solvable problems. 

These materials are ready for use, but not widelyknown today because the Petroleum Industry will not profit. The right candidate will ignore the bribes from Big Oil. 

The time is past for waiting, hoping next time will be different. Instead of asking what candidates offer we need to tell them what we are going to do and give them the opportunity to commit to solving these problems, many originating with Big Oil.  There must be accountable.  Those who have suffered and died around the world demand this of us.  

The use of petroleum for energy, along with other extractive technologies, brought enormous wealth to a few. Oil proved toxic to the vast majority and to life on Earth. Revelations on Exxon's role in this was just the final straw. Were any of us surprised? I suspect not. 

Clean energy and sustainable alternatives will open up the full potential for long term prosperity, lowering costs to everyone of us and the Earth. As individuals, we will have time to focus on values and goals which promise both personal enrichment and real security. 

The cost and need for energy will drop through the use of new materials now on the market. As this happens the oil companies will become vulnerable to the corrective action so much needed.  

War, forced immigration, terrorism, social justice, our court system, equality, jobs, and more, all of these hinge on the transition now taking place from the dirty energy and extraction based economy to the one which leaves no print on the Earth. 

War is toxic to us and to all life on Earth. This is true economically and it is also true for us morally. War brings death, peace nurtures life. 

The opportunity to engage the candidates and demand commitments ends on June 7th. 

The Presidential Forum for Energy & Environment begins a proactive agenda, providing alternatives and taking action locally. Think of it as the lever point, opening doors so the truth can ring out loud and clear as we take into our hands the work which needs doing.  

Exxon knew five years ago they were in trouble. This shows in their $76 billion buyback of stock in just the last 5 years, from “Opinion: 10 U.S. companies that threw away money on buybacks,” published by MarketWatch on April 6th.  

The markets for energy are changing. With oil inventories at an all time high and solar prices at an all time low we no longer need access to more oil or the politicians oil bought. We can end this cycle of war on us and on the Earth. 

Mark the day on your calendar, May 23rd, Santa Barbara. Sign up for updates, donate, and get ready to take action.